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Hurt in a car accident?

We are ready to serve you with a free virtual
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2023 Georgia Car Damage Manual

Do Law Office offers resources for clients involved in auto accidents, including this guide: 2023 Georgia Car Damage Manual. Contact us for info and advice!

Georgia Insurance Claim Laws

Georgia car accidents are more common than many people realize. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, car accidents were the leading cause of injury and death for children aged 5 to 14 years old in 2020. It was also the second leading cause of death for adults aged 25 to 65 and above. Also, Georgia ranked 4th in car accident fatalities among all US states in 2020, despite only being the 8th most populous.

Based on the statistics, it is evident that car accidents significantly affect the lives of Georgia’s citizens. Finding oneself involved in a car accident is a very traumatic experience for all parties involved, regardless of fault. To reduce the effect and help fix bodily and property damage post-accident, Georgia requires all drivers on its roads to have basic car insurance.

However, some insurance companies in Georgia make the claims process much more complicated than it has to be to save money. So, it is vital to know what to do if you ever find yourself involved in one.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Georgia

In the wake of a car crash, it is crucial to follow the following steps:

  • Park your car in a safe place.
  • Call the non-emergency law enforcement number if there is no emergency.
  • If there are injuries or fatalities, assist the injured persons till help comes.
  • Use your hazard lights or other possible methods to warn other drivers about the accident scene.
  • Exchange relevant information with the other parties involved. If you hit a stationary car and the driver is absent, leave your card or contact details.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement as they draft the accident report. Make sure you know how to read a car accident report in Georgia so that you can proofread the report for errors.
  • Visit the emergency room for a comprehensive checkup.
  • Contact your attorney as soon as possible, and do not agree to anything with the liable insurance company until you do so.


Fault in Georgia Car Accident Cases


Atlanta car accidents require establishing fault to determine liability and rights. This is because Georgia operates a modified comparative fault system rather than a no-fault system.

In a no-fault system, car drivers are required to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage. With this insurance coverage, it does not matter whose fault a car accident is. Each driver who sustains injuries goes to their insurer to make a claim.

Meanwhile, modified comparative fault states like Georgia do not require this insurance coverage to be in place. Instead, injured victims make claims from the insurance company of the driver who was 51% or more at fault. Also, the total compensation is reduced by the victim’s fault percentage.


Minimum Car Insurance Policy Requirement

Georgia has minimum insurance requirements for all drivers to facilitate insurance settlement in the state. All drivers need to have the following third-party liability insurance in place:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

  • Property damage liability coverage: minimum of $25,000 per accident

Georgia Car Accident Statute of Limitations

A person can bring several claims against the at-fault driver in car accident situations. However, the typical claims are personal injury claims and property damage claims.

In Georgia, a lawsuit for personal injury must be filed within two years of the incident, while a claim for property damage must be filed within four years of the accident.


Common Injuries From Car Accidents


Medical bills are often included in the total bills of insurance settlements. As such, it is essential to note all the injuries that arise from an accident. A car wreck can result in a wide range of injuries, with death being the most extreme.

It is also important to note that some injuries do not present immediately. These are known as delayed car accident symptoms, such as whiplash effects, migraines, memory loss, PTSD, and other emotional or mental symptoms.

The liable insurance company may want to compensate you based only on your visible injuries. That is why you need a skilled car accident attorney who can negotiate a fair settlement considering possible future medical expenses.

That being said, common physical injuries from car accidents include:

  • Head or brain injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Paralysis

  • Disfigurement

  • Cuts, bruises, and permanent scarring

  • Chronic pain

  • Numbness and tingling sensations

If you have been involved in an accident, visiting a doctor is essential to obtaining secondary evidence of any injury. This will help you when filing a claim against the insurance company.

Car Accident Property Damage Claim

If your car was damaged in a car accident and you were not at fault, you can still make a claim even if you do not sustain a personal injury. You will need to claim the offending driver’s insurance company.

Basically, the insurance company tries to estimate the cost of the damage to give you compensation. To protect yourself, hire a private appraiser to assess the damage properly so the company does not cheat you.

When negotiating a settlement, it is also a good idea to have a car accident attorney on your side. And if the company refuses to settle, your attorney can help you file a lawsuit.


When to Hire a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer


To ensure your well-being and that of your passengers, it is critical that you contact a Georgia car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Even if the accident was minor and you are unsure whether you need a lawyer’s help, the Do Law Office is at your service.

A trained attorney from our firm can appraise your situation and determine whether you need to sue, renegotiate with the insurance company, or accept their proposed settlement.

Depending on the accident’s severity, the insurance company might be willing to pay a significant amount. However, insurance adjusters often minimize the severity of car crashes or shift the blame so the insurance company can pay less.

You will be able to deal with such companies more effectively with the help of an experienced and skilled car accident lawyer in Georgia.

The Do Law Office can help you if you were involved in a car accident and want to explore all your options to recover maximum compensation. Call us to schedule a free consultation.

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