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Get Help From a Top-Rated Business Immigration Attorney

If you are interested in bringing your employee or enterprise to the United States, turn to the top-rated business immigration attorneys at Do Law Office. We can help you explore your options and begin moving forward with the Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Your Trusted Business Immigration Attorney

Bringing foreign nationals to the United States can be complex and demanding. The immigration process and immigration laws in the U.S. could stress even the most seasoned business organization.

If your company is looking to hire foreign nationals living outside the United States or trying to bring in a candidate from a foreign subsidiary or intracompany transferees, i.e., foreign medical graduates, it is critical to work with an immigration lawyer to help with your immigration problems.

Do Law Office is an immigration law firm with experience and extraordinary ability in visa applications and other immigration matters. We provide our services to clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who want their global talent to come to the U.S.

Our immigration attorneys have successfully helped executives, managers, and other employees obtain permanent residence and green cards. We are a full-service law firm offering the full scope of immigration services, from dealing with enforcement actions to assisting with citizenship applications.

permanent residency

Contact our immigration group today as we have extensive specialized knowledge in all matters of immigration obtaining visas, and we may be able to provide the legal counsel and assistance you need. We also advise clients on several important matters so that our business clients stay on top of the benefits.

Business Immigration Lawyer: Our Immigration Services

Do Law Office represents employers who are looking to hire foreign nationals, including:

  1. EB-5 visa lawyers
  2. Naturalization
  3. L Visas/O-1 VisAS/H-2 visas
  4. Visitors for pleasure or business
  5. EB-1/EB-2 visas
  6. PERM labor certifications
  7. Multinational Executives and Managers
  8. Physicians
  9. Crucial E-Verify and I-9 training and compliance
  10. Certifying officer reconsiderations and BALCA appeals
  11. H1-B specialty workers and professionals
  12. Seasonal workers
  13. Athletes and artists
  14. Intracompany transferees

Our law firm helps professionals seeking assistance with permanent residence and visa solutions, employment-based immigration, and labor certification, among other immigration matters.

We also help businesses in defining their immigration policy and help their employees easily get through the process. Our immigration team helps employers and companies in their dealings with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies and provides legal advice on all matters of immigration.

We also provide client-tailored visa eligibility reviews that analyze the full breadth and scope of immigrant and non-immigrant visa offerings. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Department of State and Justice Department, USCIS, and Department of Homeland Security requirements and policies.

Contact us today, and we may be able to help you with our vast knowledge of the business immigration processes, the law, and the different government agency and department policies on immigration.

We work with business organizations, corporations, not-for-profit entities, NGOs, limited liability companies, and high net worth individuals from across the world in all manner of nationality-related and immigration services, including naturalization, temporary visa application, and permanent residence. We work closely with all of our clients and provide them with the best legal advice and services to bring their remote employees to the States.

Best Business Immigration Lawyers in the USA

Our immigration office combines business capabilities and legal knowledge that offer best-in-class legal services for a wide variety of global and American corporations and their foreign national employees.

Since we often work with clients that employ thousands of foreign nationals, we have the infrastructure in place and the much-needed experience to deal with the most nuanced immigration challenges that arise in organizations with global mobility needs.

Some of the services we help our clients with include:

  • Hiring employees on J, TN, H, L, E, O on a non-immigrant visa and making applications for immigrant or green card sponsorship
  • Family-based and employment options, including E.B. employment-based visas
  • Family-based immigrant visas
  • Application for adjustment of status that would allow one to apply for employment authorization document and the Advance Parole document
  • Advice and assistance to clients on various immigration issues, including sponsor license applications, entry clearance visa applications, and intracompany transfers

Our team of attorneys has knowledge and insights gained from experience and will provide legal counsel and assist you in obtaining entry documents and work permits for employees working in or from foreign countries.

Do Law Office also has substantive experience filing and preparing immigration documents, and we can deal with most challenges through our client-focused service and long-standing dedication to innovation.

We’re Among the Top-Rated Business Immigration Law Firms

As one of the top-rated law firms offering quality immigration services, our team is like no other.

Our immigration team has a national platform and collaborative culture that provides effective solutions for challenging visa applications and citizenship issues for clients, including employers and employees from countries worldwide.

Small Business Immigration Law Firms

Our immigration team works with clients from all over the world to create custom solutions. We make it simple for our clients to comply with government policies such as labor certification, among other processes, by providing legal advice and representation.

We understand that small companies that bring talent to the U.S. face many challenges. As such, we provide citizenship and immigration services tailored to small businesses in addition to services for our larger corporate clients. 

For example, our immigration lawyers offer advice to clients who need to secure waivers or other mitigation measures when their travel request or visa is denied by immigration.

Our team works with other lawyers, such as those in acquisitions and mergers, to ensure that companies looking to bring in foreign talent get their papers filed correctly. Over the years, we have worked with multinationals and startups across a wide range of verticals that needed to bring in foreign workers.

Business Immigration Law Forms and Filings

Given the nature of the global economy, cross-border transactions are ubiquitous. In many such instances, organizations need to have people facilitate the transactions. For many of our clients, this means crossing the borders.

In this regard, we help clients, including entrepreneurs, executives, investors and workers, and their family members who need to get into the United States. Some of the documents we can help you with include:

Employment-Based Immigrant Visas

  1. EB-1 for priority workers
  2. EB-2 for advanced degree workers
  3. EB-3 for professionals, skilled workers, and other unskilled workers
  4. EB-4 for special immigrants
  5. EB-5 for immigrant investors

Employment-Based Nonimmigrant Visas

  1. E-1 for treaty traders
  2. E-2 for treaty investors
  3. H-1B for specialty occupation workers
  4. H-2B and H-2A for agricultural workers
  5. H-3 and H-4 for special education and temporary trainees
  6. L-1 and L-2 for inter and intracompany transferees
  7. T.N. for Canadian and Mexican professionals

For most of our clients, what differentiates us is our experience. Led by an immigrant, our attorneys have inside perspectives on immigration processes, which makes them well-versed in how to deal with challenges that may arise.

Contact us today for all your business immigration challenges, and we may be able to help you get favorable outcomes.

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