Deportation Defense

The current immigration climate in the US has caused many to fear for the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones. Having a family member place in deportation proceedings can result in extreme stress and trauma. We understand that with every case we commit ourselves to, the livelihoods of countless individuals are involved. Whether it is the undocumented father of three US citizen children, who is the family’s sole breadwinner, or the single undocumented mother, who is the sole caretaker for her disabled US citizen son, we understand that our representation can touch and effect countless lives. As such, we strive to serve our clients with with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and DILIGENCE. 


  • Grounds for Removal

  • The Removal Process

  • Relief From Removal

    • Voluntary Departure

    • LPR Cancellation of Removal

    • Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal

    • Former 212(c)

    • Adjustment of Status

    • Suspension of Deportation

    • Asylum 

    • Relief under Convention Against Torture Act (CAT)

    • DACA

    • U Visa/T Visa/VAWA

    • SIJS

    • TPS

    • NACARA

  • Resources