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How to Check USCIS Case Status

Discover how to efficiently check your USCIS case status with our comprehensive guide. From official links to important facts, Do Law Office has you covered. Call us today for more information.

Learn How to Check USCIS Case Status

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) case status is the current standing of any submitted immigration application or petition. Being eager to know your USCIS case status is understandable, especially because of the long waiting and processing times. The good news is that you can check your case status and view the progress in several easy ways.

If you are experiencing excessive delays in your USCIS case, consider contacting our immigration attorney at Do Law Office. Delays can have a negative effect on your immigration status, life, and career as an immigrant in the U.S. We can investigate your case and take the necessary actions to remedy the delay.

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking USCIS Case Status

You may need to find your receipt number before you can check your case status. Your case receipt number has three letters and ten numbers. Here are the letters you can see depending on the USCIS service center processing your case:

  • IOE if USCIS is processing your case online

  • LIN, if the Nebraska service center is handling your case

  • SRC for Texas Service Center

  • WAC for California service center

  • EAC for Vermont service center

  • MSC/NBC, if the National Benefits Center has your case

After finding your receipt number, the next step is to check your case status. You can check your case status using the case tracker on the USCIS official website. Alternatively, you may enter your myUSCIS account to check the progress.

1. Through the USCIS case status online tool

Here is what you need to do when using the USCIS case status online tool:

  • Visit the official USCIS website and go to the case status tool page

  • Enter the receipt number

  • Click the “check status button.”

When entering the receipt number on the USCIS case status check, do not include hyphens or dashes. However, if your receipt number has special characters, you need to include them.

2. Through your USCIS Online Account

You can log into your USCIS online account to check your case status. If you applied online for an immigration benefit, you already have an online account. If you applied by mail, you can open an account using the sign-up page.

After your online account is up, the next step is to check the case status. Log into your account and select the application for which you want to check status. You can also receive notices on your online account, so it is vital to keep it active.

Alternative Methods to Check USCIS Case Status

If, for some reason, you can’t use the online tool or your USCIS account, you can call the USCIS contact center and inquire about your case status via phone.

Calling the Contact Center must only be used as a last option if you couldn’t check your status online. You can call the center at 800-375-5283 and ask about your case status. You may need the following details when contacting USCIS via phone:

  • Your receipt number

  • Alien registration number

  • Filling date and

  • Application type

Immigration Case Status: Common Issues and Solutions

It is normal to feel stressed or anxious when waiting for feedback on an immigration application. Knowing about common issues can help you know how you can fix them and what to expect.

Delays in Case Updates

Delays in getting case status updates are frustrating and stressful. However, it is a common issue due to the high number of cases the USCIS handles. Talk to your attorney if you have not received any information on your case.

Inconsistent Case Status Information

You may receive inconsistent case status information online if the USCIS website is not up to date or is undergoing maintenance. Human errors when filling in information in the system may also lead to inconsistent information.

You can call the USCIS office handling your case to get more accurate information.

What To Do if My Uscis Case Is Taking Too Long?

  1. Submit an E-Request: If your case is taking longer than the processing time posted, you can submit an E-request to inquire about the delay. USCIS will review your case and respond to your inquiry.
  2. Call USCIS Contact Center: You can contact the USCIS Contact Center for assistance with your case’s delay. You can call the center at 800-375-5283 or 212-620-3418 if you are outside the U.S. You may be able to get in touch with an Immigration Services Officer if your situation can’t be resolved instantly.
  3. Request an Expedite: In certain circumstances, you may be eligible to request expedited processing of your case. This is typically reserved for urgent situations, and you will need to provide evidence to support your request. You can request expedited processing by reaching out to the USCIS Contact Center.
  4. Seek Legal Assistance: If you’ve tried the above steps without success, consider consulting with an immigration attorney. An attorney can provide guidance, review your case, and, if necessary, explore legal options to address the delay.

Always ensure that you have your receipt number and other relevant information when contacting USCIS or seeking legal assistance. Remember that immigration processing times can vary, and certain factors, such as increased caseloads or security clearance requirements, may contribute to delays.

Do Law Office Can Help You

The time between filing an immigration petition and receiving results is undoubtedly stressful. You may be left wondering whether you filled in the correct details or paid the correct filing fees. 

An immigration attorney can help relieve your stress by taking each step with you. They ensure you have the right guidance and support throughout your immigration process. They can also protect your rights against any possible violations by the USCIS, including excessive delays.

An immigration attorney from Do Law Office is here to help you. We understand the stress you may be going through, and our goal is to relieve you. We are ready to answer all your questions about immigration and citizenship.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our highly qualified immigration lawyer.

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